Green Wedding Ideas–Part 2

Happy Monday!

Here is Part 2 to the How to Plan a Green Wedding series. Part 2 focuses on the suit, bridesmaid dresses, rings, and flowers.

Attire Part 2 – The Suit

  • Rent the suits. Reuse perfectly good items.
  • Use what you have. Choose a general color idea and see what everyone has in their closets already (or what they can borrow from other friends).

Attire Part 3 – Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Choose off the rack dresses that have a higher chance of being worn again and that are more likely to go on sale (I found my dresses at Sears on sale for $60 each and 4/6 girls have worn them again!).
  • Choose a color scheme and have them find a dress they like that they would wear again (even better if they already own a dress in that color). Mix and match is easy and can look very nice and uniform (I get to do this option for a friend’s wedding and I am very happy about it).
  • Find brands that are made from eco-friendly materials (again, don’t be shy about emailing companies and finding out what their products are made from–to name a few, look for items made from items like: soy, hemp silk, organic silk, organic cotton, and bamboo).
  • Choose a shoe color that they are likely to have. Like a black heel in any style they want (I did this with my girls. Only 2/6 bought new shoes).
  • If you aren’t concerned about being too “matchy” then maybe let them wear whatever shoes they want (you can always have them check with you first if you’re scared they might choose neon green for your neutral colored wedding).

The Rings

  • Find a jeweler (check Etsy!) who reworks recycled materials.
  • Find ethically sourced diamonds.
  • Wood rings are a trend that’s picking up speed.
  • Reuse that family heirloom (my ring is belonged to my Grandmother. It’s unique and as a bonus it makes for a special conversation piece, too).
  • If you don’t like the family heirloom or the antique ring’s style then have a local jeweler reset the jewel in a “new to you” and unique style.
  • Check out your local antique store and see what they have. You’d be surprised what great goodies are in there.
  • Or forgo the diamonds altogether and simply pick wedding bands.


  • Having a summer wedding? Ask Grandma (or anyone you know who gardens) if you can make a bouquet from their beautiful flowers (this is another potentially great bonding opportunity–people are often very proud of their gardens and so you choosing their flowers for your wedding could be very special).
  • If you’re in the U.S. look for flowers that are VeraFlora certified
  • Buy or make artificial bouquets. (I scored 6 bridesmaid bouquets and 1 bridal bouquet off kijiji and was able to resell them to another bride for her wedding. That’s 3 weddings that have used the same product!).
  • Reuse the ceremony flowers for reception décor. Have vases ready at your reception venue and get your Bridesmaids to pop them into them before the reception begins
  • Use potted flowers/herbs for your centerpieces and then allow the guests to take them home as a thriving reminder of your wedding day!
  • Or, skip the flowers altogether. There are many options for centerpieces and for the ceremony that don’t include fresh flowers (e.g. I used branches for our centerpieces)

Next week I will post part 3 which will tie up this 3 part series! Next week focuses on invitations, favours, decorations, and gifts.

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The Eco-Bride Project

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Anna Lappé

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